Hello PilotsOnline Community,

I’m looking for dedicated individuals to help promote and curate our growing aviation community. Our goal is to create a comprehensive and valuable resource for pilots of all levels, and we need your help to achieve this!

About Me: I’m a student pilot actively reviewing and learning from the resources shared in this community. I personally take notes on educational videos and filter out less helpful content and post them here. I’m using this approach not only helps me, but to also contribute to the collective knowledge of the lemmyverse and provide a useful resource.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Student Pilots: If you’re also in the process of learning, your fresh perspective and commitment to finding high-quality resources will be invaluable.
  • Experienced Pilots: Your expertise and insights can help guide newer pilots and ensure that we’re sharing accurate and practical information.


  • Promote the community and engage with members to foster a supportive learning environment.
  • Review and curate educational content to ensure it meets our high standards as. you come across it or seek it out.
  • Share your own notes, tips, and experiences to contribute to the collective knowledge.
  • Help moderate discussions to keep them focused and professional.

If you’re passionate about aviation and want to play a key role in building an educational hub for pilots, we’d love to have you join our admin team. Together, we can create a curated resource that helps everyone become better pilots.

Interested? Comment below or send me a message.

Fly safe and happy learning!