Topic: 1 Hour Dicussion on Safety Factors and Other Considerations for Flight Training and Flight School Operations in Arizona.

Speaker(s): CFI, DPE, FAA, and School Representatives

Description: Instructors and school representatives meet to address safety management issues when conducting flight training in Arizona.  Standing topics for this 1-hour meeting are airports, airspace, instrument approaches, airmen certification, Airman Certification Standards (ACS)/Practical Test Standards (PTS), best practices, and other flight training and pilot testing issues.

Webinar Info: Follow the link below to the AFTW Next Meeting page, where you will find a ‘click HERE’  link to register for the meeting (you may cut/paste the link below in a browser if not automatically directed to the AFTW ZOOM registration page): To receive WINGS credit please also register on this SPANS announcement using your user email.

Contact Info: CRAIG A. TOMPKINS Phone: (480) 284-7796

Additional Info: You will need to register using the FAA ZOOM link above in order to attend this meeting. For additional information please visit