Topic: 1 Hour Review on the CFII ACS and Required Knowledge Areas

Speaker(s): Mike Shiflett

Description: What does it take to become a CFII?

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Additional Info: Thank you to the FAASTEAM What We Cover and What You’ll Get During The Events… Flight Instructor Specific Topics. Delve into specialized subjects tailored for flight instructors, covering instructional techniques, communication skills, flight planning, safety protocols, and teaching methodologies. This segment focuses on enhancing the proficiency and effectiveness of flight instructors in guiding and educating aspiring pilots. Access to Live Q & A after the event. Engage in real-time discussions and seek clarification on any queries with a live question-and-answer session following the event. This interactive opportunity allows participants to directly connect with experts, fostering a dynamic and educational environment. Live Guest Appearances and Content! Enjoy the added benefit of live guest appearances, featuring industry experts, experienced pilots, and aviation professionals. These guests contribute unique perspectives, share insights, and provide valuable content, enriching the overall learning experience. Everyday Pilot Topics. Explore a variety of topics relevant to everyday pilots, ranging from cockpit procedures, navigation skills, weather analysis, aircraft systems, to aviation regulations. This section aims to provide practical insights and knowledge that pilots can directly apply to enhance their everyday flying experiences. Receive custom tailored outlines and resources Gain exclusive access to personalized study materials, outlines, and resources designed to cater to individual learning needs. These custom-tailored materials aim to facilitate a deeper understanding of the discussed topics and provide valuable references for continued learning.